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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I want to personally welcome you to the official launch of Holic Pads and Sheebah Establishments Ltd. Thank you for coming here today! My name is Sheebah Karungi, I am an artist and now a CEO of Holic Pads.

 A brief History

I come from a less privileged background as a little girl. I got my first period at the age of 13. I remember my very first day on my menstrual cycle, my mother cut a piece of cloth for me to use. And I remember going to school and seeing other girls using the pads that my family and I couldn’t afford and thinking of how privileged they were. Fast forward, later on I left home started working as a dancer, I gained a little income just enough for me to finally afford the pads for myself. But I remember my first pads I used would burn me and leave a lot of discomfort. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they also had an odd scent to them. At first, I thought maybe I am just allergic to that brand because I naturally have allergies. So, my instinct was to switch to another brand and yet same thing happened, and I was left with no option. Later on, in life when I joined the obsessions singing group, I learned about tampons because my manager would not let us perform on stage with pads on. At that time, I was 16 going to 17 and ever since then I never really used pads again because each and every time, they would burn me and leave me irritated.

Being a feminist

When I started to grow as a musician, I found myself grow as a feminist as well, to the point where I became passionate and aware of all these issues, we women face on a day to day basis. I wanted to make a difference and bring light to the matter’s men don’t pay attention to. I love business and I love being an artist but most importantly I love being a feminist. I love empowering women; I love creating job opportunities most especially to women. Everyone who has been around me knows that I always want to make sure everyone has purpose especially women. We live in a male dominated world where us ladies need inspiration and someone to show us that we can make a difference and fight for a seat at the table. We are no different and I believe we can do better. When you support one woman, you support an entire nation.


I am so grateful that God has given me this great opportunity of being a great artist for 10 consecutive years. But I wanted to make the best out of this opportunity by creating something that would connect me to all the women around the world. This goes to the ones I’ve met and yet to meet. Being in the music industry has given me opportunities to meet all types of women around the world that I’ve connected with deeply and creating this product will allow me to give each one of them a piece of me.  This product is all about empowering women and also giving back. God gave me this opportunity and I want to share it. My company will hire 80% of qualified women. I want to teach women who come from all types of background and encourage them that no matter what your story is, you can also have a seat at the table. I want to provide a sense of direction and protection to the women because the world isn’t easy. I want to install confidence and this product is a great way to do it. I want to connect to women because they’re so brilliant and I want them to know that I believe in them. I want to bring hope and fix all the issues that us women face while growing up. This is my opportunity to empower, to love, to teach self-love, to teach confidence, to show women how to win without tearing each other down and at the same time to show people who Sheebah Karungi Samali is besides being an artist. I am a school dropout, plenty of people doubted me, I am a rose that grew from concrete and I am an example that who you are, and your background should never limit you. There is potential in each and every one of us women.


The Product

I have made sure to make this product very affordable. Each item will be sold for only 4000/=. I wanted it to be affordable and also of very great quality. Each pack will have 10 pieces and 2 free panty liners. Other brands here normally only have 6-8 pieces. But to us, both quality and quantity matter. Our pads also come in two categories, Max and Regular, this is because we want to accommodate to all your desires and to all shapes and sizes. I have done research about this product for over 4 years. I have tried a lot of different companies in China and I had lots of samples sent to me personally to use. I have tried 6 different samples and 6 different companies to make sure this was the right product. Although each sample costed me money every time, I wanted you guys to have the very best because I remember all the reasons, I stopped using pads. I used those reasons and all the disadvantages I endured as my inspiration behind this product. Because I wanted the best product, my business partner Mariam traveled all the way to China and connected with our coordinator Kim who is in China. My team and I made sure to stay in contact over the course with each other to make sure the company over there provides us with updates about the product and to be personally involved in the whole process. This product is very ultra-thin, so you won’t have to worry about them creasing. My first time trying on my final product, I remember thinking “It’s too thin, how is it going to work”. But to my surprise it worked, and for the very first time in a long time I could finally sleep in pads. When I woke up in the morning, I was shocked, it wasn’t itching, it wasn’t linking, it wasn’t staining, I could sleep like I didn’t have anything on, and I was like THIS IS IT.  So, I started distributing the samples to different women and they all came back with positive feedback. So, all I am asking you guys is to give this product one try! Give us this opportunity to earn your trust.


We want change but I have learned that change starts with us. I want to fight for you ladies, you deserve to have the best quality of pads. I want us to have good hygiene because great hygiene is essential to us women. So today, all my guests will walk away with a package of Holic Pads. Inside the package will be all the information you need to know about the product, a Holic Pads shirt and Holic Pads. I am very certain that my team and I did everything we could to bring you the best product. I promise you this product is going to make your red days better. I am not saying this because this is my brand, but I am saying this because it’s true.

Closing Remarks

On behalf of Holic Pads and Sheebah Establishments, I would like to express my appreciation to all the participates and guests for taking out the time out of your busy duties to attend this launch. I would like to extend an extra thank you to my mother, my family, my friends, my TNS team and most importantly Mariam my business partner, I want y’all to know that none of this would’ve been possible without you all.

HOLIC PADS, QUEENS KNOW THE BEST! And because queens know the best, I would like to welcome Your Royal Highness the Queen of Toro who is also the chief guest of honor.

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